Celebrating All Children


Yoga is a deeply personal practice. The teacher who brings yoga into your child’s life needs to be intuitive and loving in order to connect with him/her at a deep level. Only then, when a connection and trust is established, can a student be open to receive the joy of Yoga. It is my mission to establish that connection so that I may better guide my students in strengthening their bodies and minds.


In my work, I see children with varying abilities and challenges. One child may have cerebral palsy with muscle tightness and spasms, one child may have Down syndrome with low tone, and another child might have autism and struggle with sensory issues. Each child has a unique way of seeing, feeling and processing information from the world and from his/ her body.


When I teach, it doesn’t matter what label or diagnosis a child has. Each of my students engages in a full Hatha Yoga class complete with chanting, breathing, eye exercises, asanas (yoga poses), and a deep relaxation. It will not look the same for each child; in fact, it may look very different. The important thing is that each class brings out the student’s particular skills and strengths, joys and breath. Thank you for visiting this website and for giving me the opportunity to introduce Yoga therapy to your family. Om Shanthi!